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Dr. Rai Kookana

Dr Kookana has 25 years research experience as an environmental chemist focusing on the fate of organic contaminants, including pesticides, endocrine disrupting chemicals, pharmaceuticals, personal care products as well as other xenobiotics (nanoparticles) and other emerging contaminants (e.g. hydraulic fracking, polyfluorinated alkylsubstances PFAS) in the environment. The focus of his research has been on understanding the fate and effects of organic contaminants in the environment with a view to managing and mitigating their ecological risks. Dr Kookana received his Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Agriculture (1978) and the Master of Science in Soil Science (1980) degrees from Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, India. In 1989 he was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Soil Science by The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia. For his pioneering scientific contributions and delivery of outcomes and impact to government and industry Dr Kookana was elected a Fellow of the Soil Science Society of America. Soil Science Australia awarded the prestigious Prescott Medal in 2016 for his outstanding contributions to soil science. Dr Kookana served as the President of the IUPAC Division of Chemistry and the Environment for the 2018-19 biennium. IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry - IUPAC) is the international peak body in chemistry. Dr Kookana has published more than 260 articles that has been cited more than 10,000 times.

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